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Most ponies would not call Fluttershy a slob. That said, there are a few things that could stand to be straightened up if she's going to have company.

"He may be horrible, but that doesn't mean we have to act the same way," she says, partly to herself and partly to her friends, who followed her - well, them - 'just in case'. "We should at least try to be hospitable."

Okay, one more check of the room, and - oh! "You don't mind giving up your favorite spot on the couch, do you, Angel Bunny?" she asks, hopeful.

Alas, the rabbit in question does seem to mind. He races over to said couch, which Discord is currently occupying, and tries to assert his claim. But the strength of a rabbit isn't up to the task of moving a chaos spirit who doesn't want to budge.

Fluttershy swoops in, anxious to smooth things over. "Oh, I'm sorry about Angel. Are you all right?"
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It's a beautiful day at Sweet Apple Acres. The sun is shining, the birds are singing... and the beavers have flooded the orchard. Which is why Fluttershy is there; Applejack can't understand beavers, so she can't negotiate on her own.

"Good news!" Fluttershy relays. "Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth has agreed to take his dam apart and move it."
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It's the first day of tornado training. Every pegasus pony is supposed to be there, working hard to get their wingpower up. And, to their credit, very nearly all of them are.

Except one.

Fluttershy's house looks just like normal, all green and welcoming. Birds and other small animals can be seen going about their business. There's no obvious sign of Fluttershy's own presence, but where else is she likely to be?
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This... is not Milliways. Or at least, not any part Fluttershy's ever seen.

Nor is it the Everfree Forest. That much she's certain of. For one thing, she can't see any trees.

Fluttershy had just wanted to see if somepony in Milliways could tell her what was happening with the communicator things. They didn't work for a few days, and then they had some kind of extra option that was just confusing...

But whatever this place is, it doesn't look like it has anything to do with the colorful, almost alive communicator. Most of what Fluttershy can see is buildings, which look all gray and blocky and not very solid.
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Some animals can be taken care of in Fluttershy's cottage. Others need a bit more space. Adult bears fall into the latter category, which is why she's in a nearby meadow with this one.

"Now, where does it hurt, exactly?"

The bear lets out a roar. Most ponies wouldn't get much information from it, apart from "there's a bear here", but Fluttershy isn't most ponies. She can tell what he means, even if it isn't in words.

It sounds pretty serious. She darts off, ducking under the bear's torso, and then turns around for a flying leap at his back. Hooves may not be the most precise of instruments, but skillfully applied they can do a world of good. Fluttershy's speed knocks him to the ground, allowing her to grab his hindpaw and haul on it to loosen his spine. She does her best to ignore the bear's protests - yes, it hurts, but this is the way to help him. He'll feel better in juust a minute, as soon as she can...

With a grunt of effort, she wrenches his head around, hearing the vertebrae pop. When she lets go, the bear falls in a heap, clearly much more relaxed than when he arrived.

(Not far away, a certain unicorn has been watching with growing disbelief. Twilight shakes her head. "How can this be happening?" she asks, pacing in agitation. "Of all the days she had she had to stop being such a scaredy-pony, she had to pick today! What am I going to do?" Whatever she can do, it's clearly not going to be here, so she leaves in search of another problem.)

Fluttershy gently settles onto the bear's back and begins kneading his shoulders. "You really should've come to me sooner," she remarks. "You were carrying so much tension in that shoulder."

The bear is probably not listening, as his only utterance is a moan of appreciation and contentment.
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"Come on, girls! I'm certain this is what Discord's riddle really meant! If we get back to the library, I have a book that I just know can give us a clue!"
Ow. )
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"I was expecting an audience with the Princess, not..."
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"W-we... have to go in there?"

Nope! )
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"The Elements! They're gone!"
"That chamber is protected by a powerful spell that only I can break. This doesn't make sense."
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