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Meet Fluttershy, a young pegasus pony from Ponyville. Unlike most pegasi, she has little talent for adjusting the weather. However, her gift with animals is remarkable. She is able to communicate with animals, to calm them, to find out what they need or want. She understands them much better than most other ponies do, and indeed finds dealing with animals much easier than dealing with other ponies. Most animals. Dragons, she has a much harder time handling. (It is, of course, entirely possible that not all animals in Milliways will be as friendly to Fluttershy as those in and around Ponyville. But for the most part they should be more kindly disposed toward her than to most strangers.)

Fluttershy tends to speak very quietly, which does not particularly help her communicate with others even when she wants to. She can raise her voice, but her normal mode is very soft.

One talent Fluttershy has, if it can be called that, is known among her friends as "the Stare". It is a particular type of glare that tends to cow whomever or whatever she turns it on. However, she doesn't have control of the Stare. It tends to show up in certain types of high-stress situations, but cannot be summoned at will. While she is using the Stare, Fluttershy is considerably less aware of her surroundings, or even of herself; her attention is focused on whatever creature is the target of the Stare.

Fluttershy is not a tree. As was mentioned, she is a pegasus pony. This means that she has a pair of small, feathered wings along her flanks that are, despite their size, perfectly capable of propelling her through the air. Physics need not necessarily apply. She's not the fastest or most agile flyer around, but she is perfectly capable of both hovering and moving around in the air. She is also capable of standing and walking on clouds as easily as on the ground.

Fluttershy is from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and is the property of Hasbro. She appears here solely for the purpose of roleplay, from which no profit is being made.

Fluttershy is played by [personal profile] kd7sov.
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